January Giveaway: Lodge 5-Piece Cookware Set!

My Facebook friends and followers have spoken, once again. Y’all can be quite opinionated when you want something. And I like that!

When I offered up the giveaway options for this month, it was a pretty close call. Some wanted the BOGS. Some wanted the Lodge Cast Iron Bundle. And yet others wanted the super radical food processor. Alas, only one can be chosen this month – and the Lodge fans were just so dang vocal! So this month’s giveaway is for a Lodge 5-piece cook set. Included is a 10-1/2-Inch round griddle, 8-Inch skillet, 10-1/4-Inch skillet, 5-Quart dutch oven and 10-1/4-Inch iron cover.


January is a pretty fun month to give away this Lodge set too – it’s the time of the year for deep, delicious, warm cookin’. Perfect sort of cookin’ for a cast iron! 

In cast iron skillets, you can make goodness like this dutch baby pancake:


Or this stuffed acorn squash pilaf:


Or even this delicious bread!:


We use our cast iron skillets every single day – be it for frying eggs, sauteeing onions, heating up leftovers (no microwave for us, baby), or caramelizing apples. It’s  all done in the skillet. And it’s all the better for it! But who am I convincing here – y’all voted! You know how radical these things are. So let’s get to it, shall we? I will announce the winner the day after the giveaway ends right here on this post – so be sure to check back at the end of the month to see if you’ve won! Winner has 48 hours to contact me via email to claim the prize.

Good luck, my friends! And happy cooking!

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  1. Carie M says

    I use my skillet for EVERYTHING. I would love love a Dutch oven for yummy stews, soups and for my bone broth!!

  2. sara nicholson says

    Our hens just started laying so we now have fresh eggs! It is very exciting and I am looking forward to trying all kinds of egg dishes :)

  3. Holly says

    Honestly I am a bit intimidated by cast iron. I haven’t ever cooked with it but have thought about it often. The first thing I would love to cook up in that skillet is some tortillas. I make these gordita style tortillas, nice and thick, and cooking them in a cast iron skillet would make them that much more authentic! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  4. says

    Fajitas. Lots of fajitas. I would seriously just throw out my old set of pots and pans and use this FOR EVERYTHING. Oh! And dutch apple pancakes! And maple-soaked french toast! And I would try out some cinnamon rolls! How’s that for salivation? 😉 Love this blog and you! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. Monika M. says

    I’ve made squirrel stew in my cast iron! Not to mention the countless pancakes both buttermilk and pumpkin, corn bread, & eggs just about every morning. But I want more! Next on my list is Miss Kay’s boiled squirrel & dumplings recipe YUM!

  6. says

    Everything? Some cakes, brownies (I’m thinking chocolate this morning). And of course some frittatas, eggs, steak. Asparagus, mushrooms, with butter and parmesan.

  7. Sveta D. says

    We cook all sorts of stuff in them! Basically it’s the only frying pan we use, so eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, etc… are cooked in it. Also, I love to cook my shepherd’s pie in cast iron(got that idea from you!) and I don’t think anything can beat cornbread made from fresh ground corn in a cast iron pan cooked in a woodstove. :)

  8. Christa says

    I would make cornbread in a skillet – I have yet to try that! I also want to make a roast with potatoes and carrots and onions and rutabagas. Yum… LOL

  9. says

    I simply adore reading about your family and adventures! My 40th birthday is this year. I have never owned a set of cast iron :) Looking forward to this drawing!!

  10. Laila says

    In the skillets, I would make some type of fritatta; the dutch oven would be a small batch of chicken-sausage gumbo or the like.

  11. Laurie Eckerman says

    I need to transition to cast iron and get rid of all the “bad” pans I often use. Crossing my fingers!!

  12. Jessica krayenhoff says

    My 7 year old son got me a Dutch oven breakfasts cook book for Christmas. I think I’m most looking forward to the cinnamon rolls!

  13. April says

    I always like to make the traditional skillet cornbread, actually it is the only time my daughter will eat corn bread is when I make it in the skillet, I would have a Blast with the things I could do with the dutch oven :) Incidentally, You made Me salivate with your write up of this contest ^ !!!

  14. Ginger says

    I will be making one of your soup recipes, and a fritatta, and I have to try making bread with it. Oh, I can’t wait to get my hands on this after I win it!

  15. Emily says

    One of my favorite things to make in cast iron is chicken thighs, cooked in butter with garlic and my homemade poultry seasoning, with a splash of lemon juice. Yum!

  16. Christina says

    I’d make just about everything I cook, Maybe I’d make a delicious chicken pot pie or my husband’s fav Chillli. I only have 1 cast iron pan right now so its difficult to cook what I want because its quite small, so the possibilites are endless!

  17. Hannah says

    Honestly, I bought this set in November and have been using it multiple times per day ever since! I would love to win this set and give it to my parents as they are dying for a set too. I can honestly say I’ve never had such good corn bread as comes out of the CI skillet.

  18. Melody says

    EVERYTHING is better cooked or baked in cast iron! I just had the best pancakes of my life on New Year’s Day…made in a giant cast iron pan. Yummy!!

  19. Glenna says

    I have wonderful memories of spending time with my grandmother in her farmhouse kitchen during my adolescent years in the 60’s. The meals she taught me to prepare on a wood burning cook stove in cast iron pots and pans produced such a unique flavor. Sadly, the standard kitchens of today make duplicating the taste of those recipes impossible. Seeing a resurgence in cast iron makes me smile and makes me want to go back to my roots. Grandma would be proud.

  20. Jill says

    Since I just bought From Scratch, I’m thinking I would make some of that fabulous looking bread in the dutch oven first thing!

  21. Nikki C says

    not sure, never used one for anything more than bacon, always been afraid to use cast iron. this would be all new to me.

  22. Lindsey Thomas says

    I just got my first cast iron skillet and I love it so far. I definitely need more! My favorite thing I’ve cooked so far are simple potatoes fried in butter. The cast iron makes gives it a golden crisp crust that you just can’t get with other skillets. Believe, I tried a second batch in a different skillet at the same time.

  23. Kristal says

    I learned that carmelizing onions goes super fast when using cast iron. I would love to use the dutch oven for making homemade french onion soup! And a ton of other things!!!

  24. Melissa says

    The first thing I would make would be squaw corn. We used to make it when I was a kid, and I haven’t had it in years. It’s best over a campfire. You cook bacon in a cast-iron skillet, then toss in some onions and saute them in the bacon grease. The last ingredient is corn. My mom would freeze dozens of ears’ worth over the summer. The corn can go in with the onions or a little after. Then the bacon is crumbled back in, and you season it well with salt and pepper. We could gobble this up with eggs in the morning for breakfast, and it was amazing! I can still remember sitting on a log shivering and watching the sun cleared the fog off the mountain on a cold autumn morning with a steaming plate of squaw corn balanced on my knees.

  25. Kelly L. says

    I would love to be able to switch away from non-stick for good! Searing meat, frying bacon, eggs… mmm….

  26. Karen says

    Although I have cooked in cast iron skillets many times, I have never used a dutch oven. I look forward to making artisan bread in one! Thank you for this great giveaway!

  27. Meena R says

    Pancakes with blueberries, rasberries and blackberries. I’m also thinking about flatbreads sprinkled with a touch of mozzarella cheese. I could go on and on!

  28. Lisa says

    My husband and i are empty nesters. but or neighbors have NINE children . once a month we have all the children over and parents (if they choose to come) we make a big campfire outside and go to cooking. we only have one dutch oven,so after cooking the meal we clean it out and put in the desert. Brownies were the best ever. We sure could use more pieces to use what an exciting way to get the next generation cooking with cast iron!

  29. Tana Riley says

    I had researching for a good cast iron skillet set on my to do list! So thanks for saving me some time and energy, and maybe even some moola! My husband is a nursing student and we are surviving on my income while trying to eat healthy, whole food and replace some critically import household items for the betterment of our health. I’d love to win!

  30. Carla S says

    I would make corned beef hash,hashbrowns,jamaican jerk chicken,fried chicken,pork chops, french fries,sauteed mushrooms,and pancit.

  31. Kristina Visser says

    I just used one of my cast iron pans to make buttermilk biscuits yesterday morning and they turned out AMAZING!!!!:) You can never have enough cast iron in my opinion!!!! I love that it is made in the USA too!!!!:)

  32. Rhonda W. says

    Cast iron – love it! I save bacon grease for frying, be it eggs or fried potatoes, a little in the bottom of the skillet for baking a pan of corn bread, Mmm …

  33. Pat Strothman says

    Fried chicken is the best in cast iron, roast beef in dutch oven comes out so tasty and tender. Have to have a griddle for homemade tortillas! so many ways to use this set

  34. Jocelyn says

    Thanks Shaye! I’ve been trying to build by cast iron collection, this is great! Also, the auto-populated image to pin is a giveaway for boots, FYI. :-)

  35. Mary-Anne says

    Actually, it would be my husband who would make his spicy chilli that includes either ground beef or small chunks of beef with canned tomatoes, kidney beans, jalapeno or serrano peppers (with maybe a sprinkle of chopped habanero peppers for more kick – yes, we like it spicy!), other spices, etc.

  36. Stephanie says

    Hmmm…what would I make? I’m partial to Dutch babies but hey you can make anything in these….how about apple crumble, brownies, or some good eggs and bacon….it’s breakfast time for me:)

  37. Jessica D says

    I would use these for everything! I would love to try baking bread in them or some version of chicken pot pie.

  38. Mazzy says

    I’d cook up so many wonderful, witchy dishes! From fried honeycakes and pork roast to corn and tomato gratin!

  39. Rebecca says

    I love making gumbo in a great dutch oven! Thanksgiving wouldn’t be right without homemade buttermilk cornbread to make the dressing with:) And I just recently purchased a compulsive check out line buy cook book: Lodge’s Best Ever One-Skillet Recipes. I don’t have all the cast iron goodies to make all the recipes!!!!! This would be a great give away to win. Then I could return my mama’s skillet to her…. or give her the new one & let her season it up great like she does:)

  40. Karen says

    I have all those pieces, and then some. I love my cast iron. It would be great to give to my daughter and her hubby.

  41. Marilyn K says

    Maybe some cream of asparagus soup in the dutch oven…I’ve been thinking about making that with my frozen asparagus. Or in the skillet, some squash with rice, mushrooms and sage.

  42. Beth says

    I’m coveting a cast iron dutch oven right now for those times when I want to brown meat before stewing – I want to make beef, sweet potato, and poblano pepper stew!

  43. Amanda says

    I pretty much love using cast iron for everything and anything. All my stovetop and oven needs: baking, roasting, cooking, sauteeing, frying, etc. I’d love to have this set to have more pans available!

  44. says

    I just moved from Hawaii back to the mainland and had to leave all my cast iron behind because it was too heavy to ship. I would love to replace it!

  45. stephanie says

    bread, slow baked creole rice, baked eggs and cream, tons of soups and all day stews, applesauce….i use my dutch oven at least once a day and my skillet exclusively. Oh to have the option to cook and bake simultaneously!

  46. Carrie says

    I think this would be a perfect addition to our new homestead. We love using our cast iron dutch ovens when camping and in the house when we are home. I think I would use the set first to cook venison burgers.

  47. Annie says

    breads and english muffins! my hubs and i love those muffins, and i’d love to make some cheaper, better-for-you alternatives to bagged. i’d also like some extra crispy golden goodness on my meats and veggies. you can’t go wrong with cast iron!

  48. Keely says

    Love cast iron and would be thrilled to win this set…but wondering about the ‘Pin It’ link. The pin that showed up was the Bog boots from the December giveaway. Weird. Keep on keeping on.

  49. Liz says

    I got a 7 quart dutch oven for Christmas from my parents. Less than an hour after I opened it I stuffed a 5 lb pork roast and loaded it up with craut for our New Year’s Dinner! My hubby just grinned all evening:) We are about to install a wood stove in our new home and he is excited about all the good food coming out of that kettle. How amazing it would be to have a whole set to cook with! Great give away idea:)! Thanks!

  50. JamesK says

    I would love to have a set like this… would use the dutch oven to make brownies while camping with my son.

  51. Jenny N says

    I like using cast iron skillets to make pies in. I love making apple pies, pot pies, and tomato pies in them.

  52. Johanna says

    I love to make “gas house” eggs in my cast iron skillet. Sometimes called eggs in a nest or eggs in a basket. I use A LOT of pastured bacon grease on the bread, fry it up on both sides, then continue with a pastured egg.

    So delicious!

  53. Hannah says

    My husband LOVES cast iron! First thing would be a delicious pork roast in the dutch oven! Oh! That would be bliss!

  54. Sharon Lockhart says

    I love Cast Iron and the Lodge brand is the best there is on the market, IMHO
    I have just started making Bannock and I love making it in my Lodge cast iron skillet. I was watching Youtube and there are a lot of videos about it but the one with raisins and cinnamon, and some rum, is GREAT.

  55. Lisa K. says

    I would probably transition as much cooking as possible to cast iron if I had these. However, I’m sure it would be a steep learning curve as I’ve never owned any and neither did my parents. This is a switch I’ve been wanting to make for awhile though!

  56. AshleyRose says

    I’m wanting to simplify our kitchen and get some good quality cast iron to replace a lot of our worn out nonstick. I absolutely love dutch baby pancakes (put a little lemon and powdered sugar – ooh ooh!)… and I’d really love use the big one to bake bread in as I search for the perfect crust. :)

  57. KAtrina says

    I dont know about making you salivate, but I really could use this set for camping. I take a small cast iron, but need that Dutch oven for things like chili and the family fav., lasagne soup.
    With my christmas money I purchased a “corn bread” skillet, but its real purpose is for home made scones.
    Love my cast iron, they will be passed down.

  58. Lessa says

    I love cooking! I have one cast skillet, and it seems to be my go to pan. I would have to say my favorite thing to make in the skillet is…a nice juicy steak. Yum!

  59. says

    I just started cooking with cast iron and love it!! Chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles has been my first thing and I am dreaming of what else to cook up with it!

  60. Inger says

    french oven bread, of course! and crispy potatoes! and a stir fry! mmm, and steak. thanks for the beautiful blog and giveaway!

  61. Diana says

    Just discovered your site today through the soaked wheat recipe link on pinterest. Love the blog, want to also make my own deodorant. Would LOVE to win this giveaway!

    • Diana says

      I would start with beef stroganoff, then the next day some yummy chicken curry, and have fun experimenting with breads, rolls and baked desserts. Oh, and of course we can’t forget chili! Nothing like a big pot of chili on a cold winter day. :)

  62. Kim Coble says

    I would cook up some of my dad’s favorite dishes. He has his great grandparents cast irons that were handed down to his mother and then to him. I have very fond memories of my father cooking EVERYTHING in the cast irons and still does to this day. I would start with breakfast: country ham, red eye gravy, grits and eggs…then for lunch I would bake a meatloaf and for dinner cook some pork chops. YUM ; ]

  63. tammi says

    I would make every meal in these cast iron skillets! I love to cook with cast iron. Probably the first thing would be chicken fried steak fingers. My husbands favorite meal!

  64. April Ezell says

    Still thinking about these pans….now I’ve got a craving for corned beef hash. Do you have a recipe for that Shaye? Yum!

  65. Jennifer H says

    I bought a cast iron skillet a while ago, and I don’t think it was seasoned well, so I gave up on using it. My brother asked for it. Now I keep seeing everyone using them, and I want to give it a chance again!

  66. marquita says

    Love cast Iron. I cook on a large ranch in Texas and I use it every single day..Could not live without it. I like to make Irish Soda bread and sourdough biscuits in buttered cast.

  67. Dawn says

    I would love to win these. My son moved to North Dakota to work in the oil fields and “borrowed” mine until he could buy some of his own. I don’t think I’m getting my wonderful, perfectly seasoned, well loved, 25 year old set back. I miss them. I know he wants to keep them around because he’s homesick and there are so many fond memories tied up in those pans so I’m not pushing the issue because he knows their value.

  68. TamiBloomz says

    I LOVE my Lodge cast iron ! I would love to add to my collection anytime. I’d be using it right now, if I had that dutch oven! I’m making vegetable beef soup today. :)

  69. Carla V. says

    I would start with a pot roast in the dutch oven. Eggs in the small skillet, chicken and rice in the big skillet. Yum!

  70. Chris Sorel says

    have a 10 inch one that I make corn bread buns and the some hamburgers all the time. Love the crust I gives meats and everything

  71. Jenn P says

    Hi, I would first make either Filipino chicken Adobo ( I grew up in the Philippines) or my other favorite Parmesan Broccoli Fritters. Thank you for making your site. I just found it and love everything you have on here. I’ll be on here all the time and telling all my friends.
    May God bless you and your family and make His Face to shine upon you all.

  72. Stefanie says

    I have never cooked with cast iron so I am excited about trying it out. We use a few non-stick pans and I am ready to ditch them! I look forward to cooking veggie omelets, buttery pancakes, and hopefully perfecting the art of seared scallops.

  73. Ev Thompson says

    I love your blog. It covers just about all the things that make me happy. Would love to win a set of Cast Iron pots and pans from Lodge. Cast Iron is awesome and we’d probably all be healthier if we went back to cooking in them. Plus, they last forever. Who could ask for more.

  74. Lane says

    German Apple Pancake in an iron skillet. I made this a long time ago and when see an iron skillet, it makes me think of my mother’s skillet in which I baked the pancake.

  75. Lindsey says

    Just came across your blog through the link Empowered Sustenance gave for your Butter Bites. They sound so yummy. Anyway… I’m especially excited about that pot for campfire stews!

  76. Kaye DeShields says

    Cast iron cooking is the natural way of cooking many years ago. My daughter and her husband cook all the time with this cook ware. Would be a blessing to receive this item.

  77. Robin says

    Cast iron is awesome! My mother-in-law has a well seasoned skillet that she cooks everything in! I would love to win!

  78. nancy says

    What wouldn’t I cook in cast Iron?! I think I’d start out with a roast in the dutch oven. MMMMMMM. Or, maybe beans and ham.

  79. Saima says

    First thing I make will be a peach brown betty with the last of the white peaches I have from summer. Topped with fresh whipped cream.

  80. Karen says

    I have a scrumptious, to die for recipe for pineapple-coconut-banana upside-down cake. And just so ya know,… Every time I see the picture of the frittata you made, I want to climb through the computer screen. Sadly, I have yet to acquire any cast iron cookware… Sniff.

  81. Tracy Spangler says

    We’re going to slaughter the first few extra roosters here on our little farm any day now, so I would try braised poultry thighs, along with black eyed peas and kale in another pot. The dutch oven would be greased with lard and then I’d bake a loaf of whole wheat bread to slather coconut oil on to go along with dinner! Yum, now I am hungry! Thanks for your rockin’ site and giveaways!

  82. Sherry Bagley says

    I would use that lovely dutch oven to make a big pot of beef stew and cornbread in the skillet. Yuuuuuuuummmmm!

  83. says

    After living in Thailand as missionaries for the past 8 years (now back in the US), our family has been missing Thai food. Would love to have this cookware set to prepare some different foods for my family such as Kaow Soi Gai (a coconut milk based soup with red curry, fresh cilantro, shallots, green onion, yellow Chinese noodles, and chicken). A family favorite!

  84. KacyM says

    I have been dying to get a set of cast iron cookware! My old pots and pans are hideous and leeching out “who knows what” into our food. Keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed hoping that I’m the lucky winner!! 😉

  85. says

    I have a GMO-free, gluten free cornbread recipe that could use one of these skillets for sure! I’ve been making do with a pyrex dish, but ya know, it’s just not the same. :)

  86. Mistie Jones says

    Maybe not too mouth-watering, but the first thing I would probably cook is a nice breakfast frittata or quiche. Start with caramelizing some diced onions and slices mushrooms, then adding the hot skillet, the mixture of eggs, chopped red bells, spinach, chicken apple sausage, olives, hash-browns and tomatoes (with s&p) and putting it in a preheated oven (350) to bake for about 40 minutes.

    Also, my husband is a dutch oven connoisseur and I’m sure he would make something fabulous with the dutch oven. Maybe something simple but so good like a peach cobbler with spiced bottled peaches and a gluten-free cake mix, just so both me and my baby could eat it too.

  87. Daphney C says

    I have been wanting a cook set like this for ages. It would be such a blessing to win them! Thanks so much for offering such a generous prize!!

  88. marianne says

    I gave away all my non stick Caplalon pans and am using the cast that I have, but we could sure use the full set on our little piece of ground!

  89. says

    Wow. what wouldn’t I cook in this set! I love frittas with fresh tomatos, peppers and onions from the garden. Grate some Parmesan on that and I’m in heaven!!

  90. Lisa S. says

    Chicken(organic air dried), Leek and Potato stew, Homemade Hot and Fluffy Buttermilk Biscuits with Raw Honey Butter and a Blueberry Crumble A La Mode.

  91. Amber says

    I would make cornbread, stews, fry eggs with my homemade lard all with the cast iron set. The list and possibilities are endless.

  92. heather says

    The first thing that I would cook in my new pans is a big country style breakfast with bacon eggs and hashbrowns.

  93. Michael-Daphney C says

    Id make Cornbread, or a berry crisp desert, possibly some fried chicken, or even some crispy pork chops!

  94. says

    Oooo… choices, choices…. probably fry up some bacon, then use the grease to do a little pan fried breaded chicken. Or potato wedges. Or both, come to think of it.

  95. SarahJade says

    WOW!!! I love cast iron. i recently moved out of my parents house and am trying to build my own set similar to theirs. I use my skillet daily and would love more.

  96. Melinda says

    My first meal would be a dutch oven apple pie! I used to make a similar dish when backpacking (in the coals, tucked into a fry pan), it’s one of the things I miss the most about backpacking through the Pasayten Wilderness and I would love to recreate that with my sweetheart.

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