God still loves us.


As I type these words, I am completely exhausted by this motherhood-business. I've spent the last 45 minutes trying to convince my 4 and (almost) 2 year old that bed really is where they need to be. They don't need mittens. They don't need more milk. They don't need another story. They don't need to have conversations with us about the shape of their poo (you think I'm making this up?). After … [Read more...]

Pork Rillette Recipe


Pork. Porky, pork, pork. It's on my mind. And it's in my belly. And in my freezer. And in my refrigerator. And hanging in my kitchen.  After butchering the pigs last week, well, pork became the meat of choice here on the homestead. Thanks to the Farmstead Meatsmith, Brandon, who came to help us butcher the pigs, I was able to utilize a lot of the cuts that would otherwise be … [Read more...]

How To Butcher Pigs (At Home On The Farm)


WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES OF ANIMAL BUTCHERING. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. Truthfully, I thought it would be harder to say goodbye to our pastured pigs - Wallace and Chester. And as Brandon Sheard (aka: The Farmstead Meatsmith) (aka: Super Awesome Advocate for Home Butchery and Old School Preservation Methods) was sharpening his knives on my kitchen counter last Tuesday morning, I'll admit - I was … [Read more...]

10 Most Important Lessons Learned About Milking A Family Cow


This month marks the year anniversary of something very great, my friends. Something so great that it's benefit to our homestead is truly immeasurable. That is, the year anniversary of owning our dairy cow, Sally Belle. Sally came to us last October from a wonderful family - and after the saga that we went through trying to get Kula pregnant, we were ready to welcome Sally with open … [Read more...]

Homestead Barn Hop #179

Homestead Barn Hop | The Elliott Homestead

This is a big week for us on the homestead. We're getting ready to host a seminar on butchering pigs! Wallace and Chester have been wonderful companions on the farm, but this week, they're getting ready to supply us with a freezer full of meat for the upcoming winter. It's not the easiest harvest we face this time of year - but we're very much looking forward to it! What about you? What's … [Read more...]

Essential Oils Aren’t God.

Essential Oils Aren't God (Why This Oil-Lovin' Mama Had To Call It Out) | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

I use a lot of essential oils. Like. A lot of them. And I love them. Let's just all remember that as we continue on in this post, shall we? As many of you know, I sell and promote doTERRA oils and am happy to do so. I love the company. I love the product. Did I mention I love oils yet? ... that being said... ...(you always know it's about to go down when someone says 'that being … [Read more...]

When Daddy’s Away…

When Daddy's Away... | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

When Daddy's away, Mama takes a 20 minutes car ride into town for overpriced lattes all too often. And when Daddy's away, the eggs don't get collected for days on end because it's never the most pressing task at hand. When Daddy's away, Mama texts him "S.O.S." too many times in a 24 hour span. And when Daddy's away, Mama has to watch stand up comedians at night to break the deafening … [Read more...]

Browned Chicken Thighs with Fingerling Potatoes and Cherry Tomatoes


I've been having so much fun creating recipes for my new cookbook is should be illegal. Ma'am, you're under arrest for finding far too much joy in that chicken thigh dish. Please step away from the spatula. On top of the food being downright delicious, it's been wonderful to harvest so much of it from our garden! We're at the real peek of produce right now - the garden is busting at the … [Read more...]

How To Butcher A Chicken


WARNING: PHOTOS OF BUTCHERING CHICKENS FOLLOW. KNIVES. BLOOD. DEATH. PROCEED WITH DISCRETION. The first of many harvests took place this weekend, as it was time to send our beloved (or rather, tolerated) meat chickens to the freezer. It's never a day I look forward to - taking the life of an animal brings me no joy. Well, scratch that. It does bring me joy in knowing that the Lord has … [Read more...]

Homemade Pesto Recipe (and Weck Canning Jar GIVEAWAY!)

Weck Canning Jar GIVEAWAY! | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

Pretend you're in a corn maze... except for corn, you're surrounded by basil. Yes. Basil. So actually, let's pretend you're in a basil maze. A maze of basil. Lost, wandering, gently pushing the basil from side to side as you navigate your direction. That, my friends, is what it's like to be in my garden right now. Never, in all my grand 'ol years have I seen such basil. At least in my … [Read more...]