Homemade Pesto Recipe (and Weck Canning Jar GIVEAWAY!)

Weck Canning Jar GIVEAWAY! | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

Pretend you're in a corn maze... except for corn, you're surrounded by basil. Yes. Basil. So actually, let's pretend you're in a basil maze. A maze of basil. Lost, wandering, gently pushing the basil from side to side as you navigate your direction. That, my friends, is what it's like to be in my garden right now. Never, in all my grand 'ol years have I seen such basil. At least in my … [Read more...]

Homestead Barn Hop #176

Homestead Barn Hop | The Elliott Homestead

Happy Monday, my friends! Let's link up new posts and see what everyone else has been up to on their homesteads! SOME SIMPLE GUIDELINES: 1. Please remember that the Homestead Barn Hop is meant to be a place to share homesteading related encouragement and inspiring ideas specifically related to homesteading. In an effort to keep our weekly round-up clutter free, links which are not specifically … [Read more...]

I can’t do it all.

Elliott Homestead Family

I can't do it all. Surprising, I know. But still I get emails and messages from readers each day asking me 'How do you do it all?' Short answer: I don't. Each new phase of life that we've moved into has caused us to reassess, reevaluate, and reprioritize. And that's good. I'd even venture to say that's healthy. Here's a prime example: those who have followed me for years know that … [Read more...]

Homestead Barn Hop #175

Homestead Barn Hop | The Elliott Homestead

Wow! After having my third baby a few weeks ago, Mondays come even faster now! We have been screaming busy on the farm - putting up produce from the garden, maintaining animals that are getting ready for slaughter, and raising our rascals! It's the final push before Fall and we're feelin' the burn! What about you? What have you been up to on your homestead? SOME SIMPLE GUIDELINES: 1. Please … [Read more...]

Did I remember to put pants on?


Did I remember to put pants on? Seriously. Please tell me I'm wearing pants right now. Yes, my friends, this thought actually went through my head as I was driving the minivan full of rascals into town this past week. Amongst the chaos of sippy cups, car seats, school uniforms, backpacks, snacks, feedings, diapers, wipes, cell phones, lists, checks to deposit at the bank, and milk jars set for … [Read more...]

Pressure Canned Green Beans


Once upon a time, there was a woman who had a baby. Eight days later, she found herself in her kitchen. Barefoot. With an apron on. Though thankfully, no longer pregnant. She once again found herself hovering over a basket full of produce from the garden - tomatoes, onions, green beans, eggplant, and a variety of peppers - all begging to be preserved before their vitality left for the fall. As … [Read more...]

Loose Minerals for Dairy Cows


When one becomes a farmer, it's hard to imagine all of the breeding and pregnancy issues one is going to be dealing with. After all, 'the birds and bees' is what makes the cycle of life work on the farm - especially for a farm like ours. Sheep are bred each year for lambs that we will raise for meat, for example. The 'birds and the bees' have to do their thing in order for that to happen … [Read more...]

William Luke Elliott: A Birth Story

Baby Will's Birth Story | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

I can only assume that the Lord wanted me to retell this story in a different way because the 'Publish' button I struck earlier today resulted in a completely lost birthing story that was approximately 1,592,492 words long. Let's pretend like I totally kept my cool and didn't slam the laptop shut and shuffle off (hey, I can't walk very well yet!) to the bathroom to weep and weep and weep. It … [Read more...]

How To Preserve Cherry Tomatoes


Oh. Hi there. Did you wonder where I'd gone? Did you think I'd gotten eaten by a rattlesnake? Stepped on by a rampid hog? Locked in the barn?  Alas, I have not. I've been right here these past few days - okay, not right "here" but right here, if you know what I mean.  Summer, as we've learned, is like every season on the homestead - not for the faint of heart. If one … [Read more...]

An Unplanned Cesarean.

An unplanned cesarean | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

I'm only a few weeks away from having my third baby since starting this blog (way back when I didn't have any fine lines surrounding my eyes). Wow. I can't believe so many of you have been on this journey with me for so long. As super-pregnant, hormonal woman normally do, I've been thinking a lot about the new baby and what that will mean for our family over these past few days. Especially as … [Read more...]