How to Braid and Store Onions


The Lord has smiled on our homestead. Even though we lost over 40 (YES, 40!!!!) meat birds to an owl last week, I was still able to harvest the most incredible bunch of storage onions I've grown to date. Yes. Life on the farm is a give and take. It's a balance. Things live. Things die. Things grow. Things have their necks broken by a bird of prey. It's all in the daily life. But let's not … [Read more...]

How We Fund Our Homestead

How We Fund Our Homestead | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

We've been getting lots of emails from readers lately asking about our financial situation and how we fund our homestead. They usually take me by surprise. WHAT? Why would people be asking that?! Perhaps because it was pretty public knowledge that last year, in Alabama, Dave Ramsey ran out life like the tightest of ships. Like serrrrriously tight. Tighter than those maroon pleather pants I wore in … [Read more...]

How To Build A Greenhouse

How To Build A Greenhouse | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

Let's talk greenhouses. Rather, let's talk about how to build a greenhouse. I've dreamed of them as long as I can remember - lusting after not only the practical aspect of protected and extended growing, but also the beauty. For some reason, I think of old European homes with vined in green houses tucked onto the back corner of the estates, bursting with orchids and exotic … [Read more...]

I’m totally terrified of being a mother again.

I'm Terrifed To Be A Mother Again | The Elliott Homestead (.com)

I'm totally terrified of being a mother again. There, I said it. Change is always hard - especially for a tend-to-be-tightly-wound-and-like-things-to-go-according-to-plan kind of person like myself. Am I worried about loving this little one and snuggling it until it can't possibly be snuggled any more? Of course not. Lawd knows I love my babies and I truly believe that each one is a … [Read more...]

Homestead Barn Hop #167

Homestead Barn Hop | The Elliott Homestead

Wow! Mondays sure come fast, don't they? Though, for the farmer, Mondays are very much like every other day. Full of farm chores - life is bustling right now! Each morning, we start by milking the cow, feeding and watering the livestock, and setting the water over the garden beds before a quick after-breakfast harvest each day. It's enough to keep us hoppin'! What about you? What have YOU been … [Read more...]

Spare me the sympathy.


The stares get a bit old. The looks of sympathy. The "Oh, poor thing!" glances. Please. Spare me the sympathy. Sure, sometimes I'm dragging fussy children through the store - a year and a half year old hobbit trying to climb out of the cart, grabbing at shelved (and most likely breakable) items and corraling an almost four old with eyes full of tears that I won't let her buy that Hello Kitty … [Read more...]

Raspberry Custard Cake Recipe


So, my apologies in advance, because you may notice that (once again) this "dessert" recipe focuses on two ingredients: eggs and cream. What can I say? I've got laying hens. And a dairy cow. And guess what goodness they offer up to me each day? No really, guess! Wasn't that a fun game? The answer was eggs and cream. Couple that with the flat of organic raspberries that I brought home from … [Read more...]

Natural Psoriasis Treatment


I've been receiving TONS of essential oil emails lately. Most of you want to know MORE about how to use these oils in daily life for your family. Some of you love essential oils. Some of you hate them. So for those that hate, look away. Because it's about to get all kinds of oily up here. The reality of our day-to-day life, which is so much of what this blog is about, involves oils. And … [Read more...]

Homestead Barn Hop #165

Homestead Barn Hop | The Elliott Homestead

Welcome to the weekly Barn Hop! So glad to have you here! Here's what's been going on with us on the farm!: - We've been switching our dog over to a real food diet! And here's how we did it: - We've been busy raising a years supply of meat! And here's how we're doing … [Read more...]

Alternatives To Commercial Dog Food


I love my Toby turd. One may think that because I have nicknamed him Toby 'turd' I don't love him, but truth be told, I really do. He's the most loyal pooch in the entire world, faithfully guarding our livestock all day every day.  I'm ashamed then, to say, that Toby Turd was the last animal on our farm we converted to a nutrient-dense, whole-food diet. The cow gets hay and oats. The sheep … [Read more...]