It’s my birthday.


Today, I'm 29 years old. Twenty nine. Twizzledy to the nizzledy.  (...that was gangster talk for '29'). Yes, my dear friends, today is my date of birth. Twenty nine years ago today, my mother endured what can only be described as extreme pain to bring me into this world. Frankly, let's face it, birthdays shouldn't be about us. They should be about what our mothers endured … [Read more...]

Our Rabbitry: Why I Love Raising Rabbits For Meat


Ladies and gentlemen, we're back in the rabbit business! Lord have mercy! Hallelujah! Can you hear angels singing? Can you see the rainbows shooting across the sky? Is it currently raining gumdrops and lollipops where you are? ... and is it just me, or do I smell fresh bread coming from the oven? Yes. Being back in the rabbit business is that good. Gooder than angels, rainbows, gumdrops, and … [Read more...]

Photo Submission Contest: Show Me Your…


I've been thinking about doing this series for awhile... because one of the things I love most about this blog is getting to be a part of the homesteading community that is just so dang supportive and fun. So here it is: the Show Me Your... series!  Show Me Your...  Watch out for the Show Me Your... posts! I'll pick different themes (ie: cows, goats, gardens, farm kids, home studs, … [Read more...]

How To Keep Greens Fresh.


Tis the season, my friends. For greens. Though... let's face it... it's pretty much always the season for greens. Greens in the fall. Greens in the winter. Greens in the spring. Greens in the... see where this is going? We've got greens coming out of our eyeballs and sprouting from our ears. Mustard greens. Kale. Radish greens. Collard... I know you see where this is going. You're a smart … [Read more...]

It’s meant to be good.


I'd like to say I was better at this, but frankly, it's a huge struggle for me. "This" begin okay with the mess of life, that is. Today, I begged a cleaning company to venture out to the farm to scrub only God knows what out of my showers and tubs. Then, I pleaded with them to scrub the smoothie off the window, the poop off the crib, and the stains out of the kitchen sink. I threw in … [Read more...]

Planning A Potager.


I'm sorry Joel Salatin, but I've gotta disagree with you on one very, important point. That is, that the aesthetics of the farm DO MATTER. At least, they matter to me. I can't help myself. It all began with Project Feminize that reared it's head a few years back in an effort to rescue my butch decorating style (rooted in my poor and tasteless college days). Since then, I've been growing and … [Read more...]

Meat Chickens: What you need to know before you raise them

Chickens on our Homestead

I may be no pro, but I'm at least somewhat an old(er...ish) hat at raising meat chickens this go round. This past weekend, we welcomed our fourth batch of meat birds to the homestead. Because Mama's gotta have her chicken, man. I won't say that I particularly love raising meat chickens. Fine. I'll say it. Meat chickens, even raised in the best of conditions, are still pretty gross. They're … [Read more...]

Inviting my children to a revolution.


If I could sum up why it is we do everything we do... ... the early morning milkings... .... the cleaning out of the chicken coop... ... the tending, caring, and slaving over the garden beds... ... the answer is actually quite clean and easy. It's the food. We do what we do for the food. The benefits of growing one's food completely overwhelm the work load. And even though it's … [Read more...]

Easy Chocolate Mousse.


Whatever. I like chocolate. I'm not ashamed. Why should I be? Chocolate is food of the gods, man.  Here's a list of a few of my favorite things: 1. Chocolate. 2. Cows. 3. Gardening. 4. Fresh babies. 5. Chocolate. What? Don't judge me for putting it on there twice.  I'm not talking about milky, fake, artificial, poo poo chocolate here. I'm talkin' about real … [Read more...]

Building A Chicken Run (And Why I Hate Free Range Chickens)


I hate free range chickens. There. I said it. Let the stoning begin. But first, perhaps I should clarify. Let's just say that I lived out in the middle of a seventy three acre pasture. In said pasture, there was nothing but native grasses, and perhaps one bovine. I lived in a hut with no surrounding neighbors, cars, roads, gardens, animals, or landscaping. In that scenario, I probably … [Read more...]