…and then there was a calf.

Baby (1 of 1)-2

Sometimes, I wear Stuart's boxer briefs to bed. Yes, it's true. And on this stagnant and sweaty summer night, they seemed the perfect pajama. So I tucked in, briefs and t-shirt.  Earlier that night, approximately 2,192 times, I'd made the trek down to the shop (we live on a gigantic hill... practically anywhere you walk is uphill) to stare at Sal. I'd stared at her udder. Stared at … [Read more...]

Photo Contest: Show Me Your Gardens!


How much fun was last month's 'Show Me Your...' photo challenge!? I got to see fantastic photographs, taken by you, showcasing all your baby animals. Congratulations again to 'Let There Be Peace' for winning! This month's theme... Show Me Your Gardens! If you're like us, you're up to your elbows in green tomatoes, zucchinis are just beginning to come off, and peas, greens, broccoli, and lettuce … [Read more...]

Honey Sweetened Gooseberry Pie

GooseberryPie (1 of 1)-2

I suck at making pies. Harsh, but true. It's just that whole precision baking thing that really gets to me. I'm more of a 'feel' type of personality in the kitchen - little of this, little of that. Baking ain't that way.  Baking recipes be all like 'follow-me-exactly-or-die'. Too harsh for me.  But I love pie. So what's a farm girl to do? The answer is make ugly pies. Pie … [Read more...]

The Potager Garden: Assessing the progress

PotagerProgress (1 of 1)-16

It's currently 189 degrees. Or something like that. Which makes me thankful that we worked on planting our potager weeks back when the weather was less... boiling. And even though it's not complete, it is growing!  Care to take a peek around with me? The Potager Garden: Assessing The Progress Full confession: I'm going to show you my retaining wall that fell. It's sad. It's … [Read more...]

How To Tell When A Cow Will Calve (Or Not)


Alright. I know you want to throw tomatoes at me. Here I had you all worked up for Sally's calf to come, you were there with me on Facebook (virtually) at the edge of your seat, only to check back and find no calf came. No status update with a zillion of these (!!!!!!!!!). No photographs of a cow's backside. No video with squishy mucous noises. How disappointing. Even though we had been … [Read more...]

Those days.


Oh man. You know those days? Those days?  The days that, despite the biblical truths one knows and believes and loves, get the better of you?  Y'all. I'm there. I'm theeeeere. My gang... my gang is cute as ever, aren't they? You know what else they are? Agitating. Poopy. Fussy. Disobedience. And all-consuming. Like emotional leeches.  I'm not trying to complain … [Read more...]

Preparing for Calving


(Sung to the tune of 'Smelly Cat') Sally Belle, Sally Belle When will that baby come? Sally Belle, Sally Belle It's not too soooooon. Sorry. I'm trying to think of anything that I can to keep my mind off of Sally's impending birth. Making up new lyrics and singing jingles from 'Friends' included. Hence the Smelly Cat song. https://youtu.be/zqmP0F5AXTE It's just that... … [Read more...]

Trimming Chicken Wings.


Remember that beautiful chicken run that we built a few weeks ago? It's still lovely. The honeysuckle is growing. The chickens are sun bathing. The gardens aren't being eaten. But. But there are three...four...or five gangsters that refuse to play by the rules.  They come out. I throw them back in. They come out again. I throw them back and scowl at them. They come out again again. … [Read more...]

Show Me Your Baby Animals: Top 10!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 7.13.05 PM

Y'all made this hard. Really hard. Maybe I should've started with something easier.... like "Show Me Your Laundry Pile!" because that wouldn't have been as cute and sweet and squishy and soft and lovely. But baby animals? I feel like a monster having to turn some of them away to select my favorites! But in full disclosure, it wasn't totally my decision. The farm hand, aka: the homestud, aka: … [Read more...]

It’s my birthday.


Today, I'm 29 years old. Twenty nine. Twizzledy to the nizzledy.  (...that was gangster talk for '29'). Yes, my dear friends, today is my date of birth. Twenty nine years ago today, my mother endured what can only be described as extreme pain to bring me into this world. Frankly, let's face it, birthdays shouldn't be about us. They should be about what our mothers endured … [Read more...]