Cucumber Salad with Mint

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It amazes me as a gardener how one year a particular crop can be right-on-the-money, only to be followed by a disastrous showing the following season. Last summer, I was able to put up a years supply of onions, braided lovingly in my laundry room, for all the world to see. This year, my measly onions took months to germinate and when they finally did, were quite pitiful indeed. Even more … [Read more...]

I’ll tell you a story…

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I swear, y'all. You cannot even make this stuff up. Farm life... home life... they continue to just leave me speechless. Ya, speechless. Or screaming. Either one. So take a walk with me down the lane, while we sip on some (potentially spiked) iced chai teas and I'll tell you a story...  While making our morning rounds yesterday, we noticed one of our lambs was laying down at feeding … [Read more...]

Milk Cow: How To Milk Once A Day


Three weeks ago, the heavens opened, angels sang, gold rained down from the clouds, and life as we knew it was perfect. Lyle was born. Aww. Hello, Lyle. So thankful to have you here, my dear little one. Such a long, long time we waited for you. So many "dates" with Hiro, the bull. So many prayers. So many days. And here you are. You smug little thing. There are multiple reasons that I'm … [Read more...]

Homemade Fly Spray (that really works!)

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Remember, way about when, when flies didn't bother us? (Well, rather, flies didn't bother Adam and Eve...) Can you even imagine what that must've been like?  Yes, I think of those times... when Adam was in the Garden, milking his sweet Jersey cow, frolicking in meadows of green grass, squirting milk into his perfectly clean pail (I'll bet she didn't ever kick at him either) and enjoying … [Read more...]

Rhubarb Chutney With Honey.

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Even though I didn't grow up eating chutneys, I will admit that they're a nostalgic food for me. Not for the memories of eating them, perhaps, but for the memories I hold watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstale cook them on River Cottage.  It's no secret that I've got a crush on Hugh, and well, the entire River Cottage staff pretty much. Especially those early days of foraging for food, … [Read more...]

The World As Georgia Sees It

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Summer has a bit of magic that swirls around the fringes of complete insanity. Just when I think I'll surely hole up and die of exhaustion, there are teeny moments of pure, well, magic that revive my soul enough to complete another task... another chore... another harvest.  While I was snuggled up to Sally's flank, watching the milk fill the bucket, I felt some little fingers on my … [Read more...]

A day in the life.

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It's a rare moment on the farm. The hobbit is tucked into bed after an intense showering session in which the mud (ah, who am I kidding, it was mostly poop) he'd decided to play in while I was milking was washed away, along with the sins of the day. G-love is pretending she's a mermaid in a bubble bath - also washing away the drudge of another hot summer day. Sir William has been asleep … [Read more...]

…and then there was a calf.

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Sometimes, I wear Stuart's boxer briefs to bed. Yes, it's true. And on this stagnant and sweaty summer night, they seemed the perfect pajama. So I tucked in, briefs and t-shirt.  Earlier that night, approximately 2,192 times, I'd made the trek down to the shop (we live on a gigantic hill... practically anywhere you walk is uphill) to stare at Sal. I'd stared at her udder. Stared at … [Read more...]

Photo Contest: Show Me Your Gardens!


How much fun was last month's 'Show Me Your...' photo challenge!? I got to see fantastic photographs, taken by you, showcasing all your baby animals. Congratulations again to 'Let There Be Peace' for winning! This month's theme... Show Me Your Gardens! If you're like us, you're up to your elbows in green tomatoes, zucchinis are just beginning to come off, and peas, greens, broccoli, and lettuce … [Read more...]

Honey Sweetened Gooseberry Pie

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I suck at making pies. Harsh, but true. It's just that whole precision baking thing that really gets to me. I'm more of a 'feel' type of personality in the kitchen - little of this, little of that. Baking ain't that way.  Baking recipes be all like 'follow-me-exactly-or-die'. Too harsh for me.  But I love pie. So what's a farm girl to do? The answer is make ugly pies. Pie … [Read more...]