Giving Back: doTERRA Giveaway!

HUGE doTERRA Giveaway!

You're not going to believe this massive essential oil giveaway. A bunch of my favorite bloggers are coming alongside, and together, we're sponsoring this insanely awesome EVERY OIL KIT GIVEAWAY to one very lucky winner!  This kit includes every, single one of doTERRA's essential oils and blends, along with a carrying case and the Aroma Lite Diffuser.  Why are we doing … [Read more...]

… and then there was death.


A reader once told me that the veil between life and death was so sheer thin, it almost made it impossible to breathe. Last night, as I held our dead lamb in my arms, I knew exactly what she meant. My initial response was anger. Anger at the situation, anger that there was nothing I could do to bring him back to life, anger that I was in that position of sadness and loss. Anger at … [Read more...]

Beeswax Extravaganza Giveaway from MightyNest!


MIGHTYNEST GIVEAWAY! Eek! My favorite time of the month has arrived! The time that I get to share with you incredible, eco-friendly products from MightyNest. If you're new around these parts, you'll know that each month I get to do a super radical giveaway with my favorite eco-minded company, MightyNest. And yes. I  just said radical. Because that's how much I love them. This … [Read more...]

Tortellini Soup with Chicken and Pine Nuts.


Spring time is a roller coaster. Some days, it's warm and I'm tempted to throw on a skirt and sun tan these ol' white legs in the sunshine. But then I remember that I haven't shaved my legs since, I don't know, like August. I quickly push that thought to the back of my mind and decide to plant seeds, in jeans, instead. Other days, it's cloudy and drizzly as the last bits of winter sneak in to … [Read more...]

It Is Finished.


My husband delivered a few meditations at our Good Friday service yesterday, and as I sat there with my three fussing children, crayon wrappers littering the aisle, the smell of a poopy diaper wafting through the air, I listened passionately to the words he shared with the congregation. And then, tears began to stream down my cheeks. Christ's death was real. Was powerful. Was for me. As … [Read more...]

Preparing for Lambing


It's amazing to me that after two years of life on our farm, we've yet to welcome any new animals via birth on The Elliott Homestead. We should have had a calf by now, but since our first cow Kula never was able to get bred, we're still a bit behind on the calving schedule, and will welcome our first calf (hopefully) the end of May. And though we've got 26 eggs in the incubator, it'll be a … [Read more...]

How To Pay Off Debt: How we paid off $30k of debt in less than a year.


I remember reading in one of Dave Ramsey's financial guidance books that if people are making fun of your car, you're probably in the right spot with your debt payoff. Well, the 'ol van is broken down and sitting in our driveway (in true trashy fashion). It's got a mouse living in the dashboard somewhere and in a few more days, the studded tires on it are going to be illegal and there aren't … [Read more...]

How To Harvest Honey


Finally, this 'ol homesteader can breath a sigh of relief! Dare I say... something went as planned? And considering the fact that nothing ever goes as planned, I'm counting this a big success. Huge. Gigantic. An incredibly large success. A delicious success, too. In fact, if it was up to me, I'd bathe in this success... as I'm sure Kings and Queens of the past have undoubtedly done. Fill up … [Read more...]

There’s poop on my porch.


There's poop on my porch. One of my chickens ate eight eggs yesterday. My new katahdin sheep escaped their pen and ran through the electric fence into another pasture. My new puppy just ran under our car and shattered his femur. Rosie, one of our ewes, is due this week with her first lambs. I'm terrified. The to-do list is no less than 191,392 projects long.   ...and … [Read more...]

Of Whom I Am The Worst.


Dear mother at the grocery store, I'm sorry for judging you when your child broke down at the register because you wouldn't let him have a candy bar. I've now been there, tears and all. Screw those dang racks of crap they line the checkout lines with. Dear mother with the messy house, I'm sorry for judging you when I came over thinking you should have prioritized straightening your home up … [Read more...]