Marriage is…


Seven years ago, I walked into a bar with a very unfamiliar bridal party. Even though I was the florist for the wedding and was good friends with the bride in college, the rest of the girls were strangers to me. Sure, we'd spent the day lounging around a pool together and were all coordinated in our bedazzled tank tops, but other than that small connection I was alone. As these things go and … [Read more...]

Radical goodness. And a prayer request.


I want to make one thing very, very, very clear. I believe, with each ounce of my being, that God is good. In all things. And even when circumstances seem insurmountable... overwhelming... suffocating... God is not only at work, but he is working all of these circumstances for His purpose and for His glory for those who love him. And we know that for those who love God all things work … [Read more...]

Submit to the Madness.


As many of you know, a few weeks ago, our family fell victim to the stomach flu. I'm talkin' buckets hangin' out by bedsides and midnight rushes to the bathroom. It was awful. Literally. It was my hell. Anyway. Since that fun passed, we still haven't totally recovered. Our appetites still aren't quite what they used to be, we're still shakin' the tired feeling and the desire to nap every … [Read more...]

God cares a lot more what’s in your heart than what’s in your fridge.


It's not a secret that food issues tend to divide, isolate, and ruffle feathers. After reading an interesting post a few weeks ago, I found myself chewing and chewing and chewing over the same question: Does God care what we eat? The more I chewed on this topic, the more I realized how impossible it is to answer in one blog post. Stuart and I even kicked around the idea of writing a small … [Read more...]

Reasons Why I’m A Bad Parent.


I'm a terrible parent. No, no, before you try and come to my defense, let me just tell it to you straight. I am. But being a terrible parent is such a large topic, I think it's important to break it down for you. Where to start... wait a second... I think I just heard Owen drop something in the toilet... worries. He was just licking the toilet bowl. Perrrrrfect. Now where were … [Read more...]

The golfball incident.


I may have had my worst parenting moment to date. Actually, I've had quite a few of them in a row it seems. But let's start with the golf ball. Yes, the golf ball. Sure, it sits there all simple and easy, like it's just chillin' and sipping a mojito poolside. But oh, the horror that such a small object can bring. Where to start... Oh yes, how about Monday. Monday was a day spent … [Read more...]

At least the corn is growing.


On Saturday morning, once Stuart and I realized that we'd run out of coffee beans, we took the "oppurtunity" to visit my parents for breakfast. Seeing as they only live about ten minutes over in the next canyon, it seemed like a very good idea. And it was. We were welcomed with fresh buttermilk pancakes, delicious grilled sausage, and fresh fried eggs. What a wonderful way to say good morning. … [Read more...]

Recover my brain.


It's not often that I find it difficult to put our life into words, but the last few days have just blown by and taken me with them. If you follow us on Facebook, you were no-doubt witness to the play-by-play that I was giving of an enormous wildlife that *barely* missed us. While we sat on the deck at night, watching the fire line creep closer and closer to us down the ridge, it was pretty … [Read more...]

We don’t need any more.


Mankind is sinful. And if you doubt that statement, you can easily look around at the world to see how crooked and wretched our human hearts can be. No doubt, our hearts can easily be bent towards sin. It really doesn't take much convincing. Coveting. Slandering. Lusting. Manipulating. Cheating. Selfishness. Laziness. My heart is no different. Although I've been given new life … [Read more...]

It all started with a phone call.


Welp, I certainly never thought that it would take me so long to write this story, but as I've painfully learned over the past few days, many things do not work out in the time (or the way) that I expect. It all started with a phone call on Wednesday from the moving company. "Ello, diss is de moving company. Zer is za problem with de schedule. Can we peek up de houze stuff … [Read more...]