>3.  Peach wine.  Homemade from last year's peach crop.  The last time I tasted it, I have to admit, it was pretty harsh.  But after a year of aging in the cellar, it's really developed some nice flavor.  There is nothing I enjoy more than a glass of homemade wine.  Even if it's not perfect, knowing that you created it yourself (well, with your husband that is) is worth more than the finest peach wine you could buy.  Plus, we have about 30 bottles of it. Can't beat that!
4.  And lastly, lavender.  My husband loves me so much that he brought me two buckets full of freshly clipped lavender.  It is heavenly, truly heavenly.  I just want to rub my face all over it!
Did that sound weird? 
Well too bad.  I do.  I love.  Love. LOVE.  LAVENDER.  I hung it up to dry so that I can use it for lavender tea in the winter, honey lavender ice cream, lavender lemon tea cookies, potpourri…
…and whatever else I want, man!
The summer season truly brings with it a bounty of goodness – wow!  I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful things popping up around our valley.  On this weeks ticket is canning, freezing, and dehydrated apricots and cherries – the first of the fruit crops.  I think I will also buy another flat of blueberries to add to the ever-growing berry collection from the season.  
Oh, and I almost forgot!  It's raspberry pickin' time baby!  Time to bust out the buckets and get to work!  Even though it can be time consuming, and well…hot, having a freshly picked raspberry (or several) with a dollop of homemade whipped cream is worth every morsel of energy that went in to picking 'em.  Plus, the freeze wonderfully and are a welcomed addition to winter smoothies, cakes, and muffins.
Great.  Now I'm hungry.
Who wants to come grill me a steak, pour me a glass of peach wine, whip up some berries and cream, and then finish me off with lavender-infused iced tea?
Anyone?  Anyone?
Fine.  I'll do it myself.
But I'm eatin' it all.  I'm not sharing.  Not even one bite.
What have YOU been doing to enjoy Summer?
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  1. Carol

    Enjoyed reading about your summer pleasures.

    Last year I made currant cordial from red currants and vodka–it is a dessert treat.

    This year my lavender is doing exceptionally well; I would enjoy giving you a bunch. I am drying it also.

  2. Lyda

    Oh I’ve been wanting to do this! We were looking into buying meat this way. We love red meat and we try to only eat grass fed but it gets SO DANG expensive! I love the idea of buying this way and then knowing where the meat comes from and that I’m supporting a local farmer!

    Unfortunately we’ll be moving soon so we can’t right now. I’ll have to find a good place to do this where we go!

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