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How To Make Butter

Easy. Luxurious. Real. Butter.
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  • Fresh cream raw is best (If using store-bought cream try and find organic, grass-fed cream (NEVER ultra pasteurized)
  • 1 tablespoon buttermilk reserved from previous batches of butter OR organic, cultured buttermilk from the store


  • If you’re using farm fresh cream from your cow, you’ve got to separate the cream from the milk – this is easy enough to do as the milk naturally settles and the cream floats after just a few hours of refrigeration. I use a turkey-baster and simply suck up the cream off the top, usually leaving about 1″ of cream on each gallon of milk for flavor .
  • Combine the cream and buttermilk together in a bowl. Let sit at room temperature for eight hours.
  • Pour in your stand mixer, food processor, or blender. Turn it on medium and allow the cream to whip. It’ll start to look just like whipped cream – that’s just what we’re looking for! But then just keep it going!
  • Continue mixing until it is large chunks of butter floating in milky liquid.
  • Remove the butter chunks from the bowl and knead together to combine. Run under cold water and massage and knead the butter for three minutes, or until buttermilk is no longer running out of the butter.
  • At this point, the butter can be eaten, salted, or frozen. I simply wrap my butter ball up in a small piece of parchment and tuck it into a bag in the freezer for preservation.