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Soft Boiled Eggs

Cook Time 30 mins
Course Breakfast


  • 2 eggs, per person
  • Water
  • 1 tablespoon of butter, per person


  • Place the eggs in a small pan and cover with water. 
  • Gently heat the water to a boil (let this happen slowly, or the eggs will crack!) – I usually allow mine about 10-15 minutes to come up to temperature. 
  • Once the water begins to boil, cover the eggs, and turn the temperature to low.  Then, set the timer for 8 minutes.
  • After 8 minutes, remove the lid, and run the eggs under cold water to quickly cool the shell down.  You don't want to make the eggs cold, but you want them to be cool enough to peel the shell off before the insides get cold!  This is very important.  Don't screw it up.  I mean it. 
  • After the eggs are peeled, quickly add your butter, a pinch of sea salt, and some freshly ground black pepper.  Then, mush the eggs with the back of a fork until they're broken up.
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